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Avail Group

What we do?

The Avail Group is made up of 4 operations, which includes the Constancy, Fruits of Faith Farm and Avail Agriculture Sales, which allows us to operate our CSR program. We believe it is important to share knowledge and skills to those who need it most but don’t have the opportunities to gain the support and knowledge they need, which is why we set up the CSR element to our company.

Our approach – “What makes us different”?
We believe that agriculture can provide you with commercial success, community sustainability and a business opportunity for those with time and passion.
We listen to you as the customer and work with you through an open and honest approach, which allows you to be confident we take responsibility and accountability of your best interests and provide you with the ideal solution for your needs.
We support individuals and communities to gain skills and knowledge appropriate for their needs and provide them with the confidence and belief that you can solve problems and gain sustainability.

Meet the team

The core vision of our management team is to support innovative and sustainable agriculture through a company which provides accountability, ownership and responsibility.

Joseph Male

Joseph Male

Company Owner

Joseph is an agricultural entrepreneur and an rural innovation practioner, developing and supporting community development through innovative sustainable farming! He developed the demonstration gardens to gain a sustainable livelihood which soon grew into the Avail group with his passion to interact with nature through farming.

Kenneth Mugabi

Kenneth Mugabi

Fruits of Faith Farm Coordinator

Kenny is a passionate farmer who specialises in supporting small hold farmers to grow and improve their crops whilst managing the climate and soil conditions. He is passionate about community projects and supporting young people to engage in agriculture.

Lilian Nambooze

Lilian Nambooze

Agricultural Sales Coordinator

Other team members:

Shaylah Nakigudde
Michael Birimuye
Jacinta Nabawanika