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Case Studies

Elgon Wineries

We worked with Elgon Wineries as agricultural constants to establish a grape vine nursery garden and a commercial production vineyard in Eastern Uganda. 

Bumba Foundation

We worked as advisors and agricultural innovation facilitators in the development of the Bumba Foundation demonstration gardens and the vocational skills projects.

Holland Greentech Uganda

The Avail Group works in partnership with Holland Green Tech to develop the next steps in innovative horticulture for the East African community. Through the fruits of faith farm, we facilitate the demonstration and training of practical innovations in agriculture.

Uganda Micro Gardening Innovative (UMGI)

Joe was a founding member of the Uganda Micro Gardening Innovative whilst at University, which partners agricultural students with communities to support practical home site farming. Since the founding of the UMGI, the Avail group continues to provide guidance, support and farming opportunities to students.

Amagara Farm

We supported the establishment and development of Amagara farm from the initial farm planning, orientation and training, to the reality of a successful 6 acre commercial farm. We continue to provide ongoing support and mentoring, to develop the business growth and agricultural opportunities.

Rachael’s Farm

When we first met Rachael she wasn’t involved in agriculture but through the training at the Fruits of the Faith Farm got inspired to focus all her energy in establishing a farm. Within 2 years Rachael has develop her business to become two acre integrated vegetable and fish farm, which has continued to grow each year.

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