Corporate Social Responsibility

Avail Group

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme:

The Corporate Social Responsibility programme is at the heart of the Avail Group and through the income raised from our Consultancy, Fruits of Faith Farm and Agricultural Sales, we have been able to use our knowledge and resources to support community and young people’s projects to address poverty and increase community sustainability.

The following is an example of the projects we support:



Bumba Foundation 

The Bumba Foundation is a small UK registered charity/ Ugandan NGO, which provides sustainable education opportunities to young people in vulnerable areas of Uganda through innovative community run projects and schools with a focus on the reduction of poverty supported by economic development.

In 2017 we started to work in partnership with the Bumba Foundation to support their community school vocational skills project in Mugiti, Budaka District and the development of a demonstration garden to support the project. The project aims to educate young people and the communities in sustainable methods of home farming and commercial farming, which has supported them to value agriculture and understand how it can be used to reduce their level of poverty and fight famine.

Through the project, young people and the community gain knowledge of methods to implement sustainable home farming and how to adapt to the changing environmental conditions. The young people have also started to peer educate other young people and the community with agricultural skills, which has started to change the community’s mindset and knowledge on how to reduce poverty.

“Working with the Avail Group has really supported our development and their advice and guidance has allowed our project to be successful and we don’t waste our restricted resources”

Bumba Foundation