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We provide professional agricultural support & advice to businesses, commercial farmers and new start up companies to maximise your potential.

Fruits of Faith Farm

The fruits of faith farm is our main demonstration garden, where we provide training, tours, an outdoor meeting venue, the sale of vegetables and our onsite “Garden Kitchen” cafĂ©.

Agriculture Sales

Using the knowledge and expertise of Avail group we provide sales of agricultural equipment, seedlings, specialist plants, seeds and materials you can trust.

CSR Program

We believe in supporting communities and young people to develop, and through our Corporate Social Responsibility program we provide time & advice to charities and community projects.

We support businesses, farmers and communities to innovate, become self sufficient and fulfill their potential.


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Uganda Best Farmer Award

Uganda Best Farmer Award

We are delighted to announce in December 2019, Joseph Male reached the final 10 in the Uganda Best Farmer Award for 2019.